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Pay for Google services in Czech crowns

For many businesses, it can be inconvenient to pay for Google services with a credit card.

Our customers often complain about:

  • the ownership of the company card itself and the setting of the limit

  • the need to look for a tax document for each, even the smallest amount of money

  • or solving a very unfavorable exchange rate at a bank.

You can pay for both services - Google Cloud and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) - the conversion is very easy and it is done in a few minutes.

And if you transfer your services to AppSatori - a certified Google partner - we will send you invoices regularly in Czech crowns, with a clearly defined price, and you will also have access to our support in Czech and English. With our help, you can submit support requests to Google much more efficiently - and often with a much faster solution.

The price for Google services remains the same as when paying by card. If you are interested in this offer, write to us via the contact form, on email or give us a call.


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