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Monitor who your company data is being shared with on Google Drive

Google Drive is great. It allows you to have all your files in one place and collaborate with anyone in the world on a given document or spreadsheet online.

But what happens when the project is finished, you part ways with the client or some employees leave the company?

Unfortunately, Google Drive can't help you with that yet. That's why sharing files outside your own domain can be a potential security risk.

Why do you need to know who your files are shared with?

All confidential files, such as contracts, financial reports, salaries or business offers, can be easily shared with someone who should not have access to them at all.


AuditSatori prevents data leaks

With AuditSatori, you can audit your files on Google Drive and reduce security risks.

This probably doesn’t happen at your company. But don't you would like to check it anyway? 

Jiří pracuje ve finančním oddělení. Jeho složka s fakturami je sdílená s kýmkoli v celé doméně, jelikož si tím chtěl ušetřit čas.


Nikdo (ani administrátor) nemá konkrétní přístup do této složky, ale těchto pár souborů je snadné dohledat přes funkci “Sdíleno v doméně”.

Jane used to work with the Salaries Spreadsheet. She quit her job one month ago and her thousands of files were transferred to another employee.


Thanks to the Google Drive Audit tool the IT manager found out that this spreadsheet was shared with her private account and she still had access to it.

Robert works with all kinds of contracts and he made some copies which he saved on his Google Drive. But those files weren’t shared with anybody and nobody knows those files even exist.


The Google Drive Audit tool found that even though there is an internal rule that forbids the copying and downloading of files from the company structure, Robert saved 26 files for offline use and some of them were shared on his personal account.

Check the security of your data with AuditSatori

We would be happy to provide you with additional information about this product, so please don't hesitate to contact us.

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