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Google Cloud (GCP)

Complete service for Google Cloud. Expert guidance, smooth setup, and personalized invoicing.

We'll make it easier for you to work with Google services, tools, and technologies for infrastructure operations, data analysis, and machine learning.

Google Cloud has a lot to offer

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Google Compute Engine saves time and money when running web and resource-intensive applications. You can use it to launch, cluster, and auto-scale open-source or even your own accounting system.

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Data analytics

BigQuery allows you to store, collect, analyze, and visualize large datasets. Stay informed about your e-commerce platform by integrating it with Google Analytics 4, predict demand with BigQuery ML, or gain clear insights and charts by linking data to Looker (formerly Data Studio).

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Storage & Backups

Cloud Storage is a reliable and cost-effective storage solution for large files (photos, videos, and extensive documents). You can use it to store system backups and maintain complete control over who has access to them.

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Identity-Aware Proxy (IAP) allows logging into your application using security hardware keys. Cloud Logging takes care of monitoring and alerting for you effortlessly. All your data is secure.

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Cloud VPC, Cloud Load Balancer, CDN, and Cloud DNS are network services that help you create and manage a virtual private cloud or easily distribute traffic to applications and services.

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Cloud Logging collects logs from your applications and cloud services. Cloud Monitoring then automatically displays performance metrics for applications, compute resources, and databases. Error Reporting, on the other hand, saves time for administrators by setting up reporting channels for crashed applications.

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AI & Machine learning

Vertex AI opens up the opportunity to train custom models or create them using AI (AutoML), automatically classifying and analyzing data. With Generative AI Studio, you can generate new text and images, which you can easily integrate into your application via the API.


Native development

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) is a developer's container management service, along with App Engine for web app management, and Cloud Run or Cloud Functions for serverless app execution. It's a useful tool for Cloud Build, Cloud Code, and Cloud Workstation like Duet AI.

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Cloud SQL covers MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQL Server, assisting you with automated management. It provides native backup support, high availability, and servers that are highly reliable. Your data will remain within your own ecosystem, and you can easily access it from other cloud services.

Teaming up with a Google Cloud Premier Partner provides an extra benefit of

Discount and free credits

We will find a special price for the cloud solution

We'll provide you with free credits for trial operations

We'll help you navigate through startup programs

Workshops with Google experts

We'll offer knowledge backed by the latest Google certifications

Benefit from our long-standing experience gained through client care

We'll share tips from developing our own products.

Flexible billing

We'll save you from entering credit or debit card details

You can make payments in Czech crowns

Your invoice will be tailored to your needs (various periods, cost centers, etc.)

For future projects


Count on us for guidance in familiarizing yourself with Google Cloud


We will design the architecture and recommend specific services


We'll collaboratively launch a new project, define its structure, and configure payment integration


Our recommendations will cover the implementation of logging and monitoring


Let us show you how to integrate cost management strategy


We'll provide advice on implementing a security strategy


Petr Jares, CEO

Feel free to write to us about your project at We are available via email and Google Chat.


We'll ensure that everything runs smoothly

For ongoing projects


We will analyze the status of your Google Cloud project


We will design a high-performance and manageable infrastructure


Discover the incorporation of cost management and optimization strategy (FinOps) with us


Our team will perform a security audit and share recommendations.

Count on us to enhance your confidence in Google Cloud


We will discuss the proper configuration of Google Cloud from the perspectives of central administration, security, and costs

We have scripts that make it clear where improvements can be made. In the end, we'll provide you with a concise set of recommendations or a follow-up workshop.


Would Cloud make your day easier?

Contact us and let's find the best solution for your company together.

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