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Centralized signature management system for company Gmail

SignatureSatori is a tool for central management of email signatures in Google Workspace. Within a few minutes, you can set up signatures for all users in the organization, ensuring consistency and professionalism in email communication. Pre-built templates enable you to get started immediately.

"In the application, you can create signatures that not only provide important information such as name, title, or contact details but can also include marketing campaigns and other relevant information about your company. All of this without the need for manual signature setup for each user separately."


Built for Google Workspace

The best integration with Google Workspace featuring Single sign-on technology, automatic user data import, support for alias (send-as) addresses, organizational units, and much more.


Přemysl Brýl

Chief Product Officer

Ambassador of this section

Přemek is our Product manager. He is responsible for the strategy, product road map, and feature definition for SignatureSatori.


He is focused on strategic thinking​. This means, that his average day is full of prioritization of implementation of all the new features that are requested by our customers.

Přemek has a very deep technical background and a great knowledge of Google APIs and design.

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