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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence at your service

Our goal is to help you attain more time, customers, and top-notch content by leveraging the unique potential offered by modern algorithms.

Generative AI from Google

Large language models accessible via a web interface or API allow the generation of text, programming code, or images. You can integrate the latest PaLM 2 models, which also power Google Bard, into:

marketing text generation,

creating images with company products,

recommendation of products based on past purchases.

Our recommendations: Generative AI Studio, PaLM, Vertex AI Codey, Vertex AI Embeddings.

We'll share with you everything we know about the tools and help you create rapid prototypes (MVPs) to validate product viability.

Integration of AI into your application

Google Cloud offers dozens of models through APIs that you can integrate into your application. They are well-suited for:

analysing content in images or videos (e.g., identifying advertising elements in a movie),

converting spoken words into text with speaker identification (e.g., meeting recordings),

digitizing documents (e.g., extracting data from PDF invoices).

We recommend: Google Cloud Vision API, Speech-to-Text, Speaker ID, Cloud Vision, Cloud Natural Language API, Video Intelligence API.

We will configure and integrate Google APIs into your application so that you don't have to sift through lengthy documentation.

Training models on your own data

When generic models are not sufficient for your needs, and you require further training on your own data (fine-tuning), connecting to your proprietary data (multimodal embedding), or designing a neural network architecture (AutoML), we make your work easier:

querying your documents (QnA),

summarizing your own texts,

classifying images, texts, or videos,

predicting numerical values (e.g., sales).

We recommend: Generative AI Studio, Vertex AI Embeddings for Text, Timeseries Insights API, Visual Inspection AI, AutoML.

Learn how to efficiently uncover valuable insights by effectively working with your own data in Google Cloud with our guidance.

No-code solutions for AI development

You don't have to read all the technical articles to use modern tools. The democratization of AI is leading to increasingly simpler tool usage. This allows you to create an application just by using text input or easily integrate a personal assistant during your workday.

We recommend: Gen App Builder, AppSheet, Duet AI pro Google Workspace.

We will show you the right practices and techniques that will help you clarify where and how to integrate AI.

Would AI make your work easier?

Together, we will find the right solution for your company.

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