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Why Google Enterprise?

Last year, Google introduced a lot of changes that will affect every user of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to a greater or lesser extent. This article answers the question of why you should choose Google Enterprise and what will you find in this customer package.

The distribution of Google services as we knew them has changed significantly last year. The basic packages can therefore be divided into several categories. The first and cheapest is called Business Starter, the second and most popular Business Standard. Next one is the Business Plus and the customer package that will interest us the most today is called Enterprise. Google Enterprise, just like Business Packages, is further divided into three other categories. Simply put, Business packages are suitable for small and medium businesses and Enterprise for medium and large businesses. The main dividing point is the number of users - 300.

The main advantage and difference between other packages and Google Enterprise is the number of users. All Business licenses are suitable for companies with up to 300 employees that do not deal with situations such as large companies that use Enterprise services. There is no minimum or maximum number of users for Enterprise. Google Enterprise is an integrated solution that saves your business security costs, cloud space, video conferencing, and more.

When working from home, you will definitely appreciate the improved video conferencing tools. The number of participants per video conference within Google Meet is up to 250. Google Enterprise allows you to upload meetings to Google Drive and play them back, check participant reports, or make live broadcasts within the domain. A huge advantage is the improved suppression of ambient noise, where Google Meet can reset, for example, the hum of the vacuum cleaner or other disturbing sounds from the surroundings. Video calls from home or office can now be even more professional.

Google Enterprise does not limit you to the amount of cloud storage per user. You will have as much space in the cloud as you need. For comparison: in the Business Starter version you have 30 GB of cloud storage per user, in the Business Standard it is 2 TB per user. Specifically, you have a total of 30 people on the domain, so the company has a total of 60 TB of storage. Someone will use 4TB and some 0TB, it's entirely up to you.

Security is another item on the list of Google Enterprise benefits. In this version, you can take full advantage of all the security features that Google offers to proactively keep your data safe. For your needs, you will be able to use all the advanced security, management and security functions in accordance with all regulations, including the Safe. This protects against possible leakage of information and data.

You can also take advantage of the latest API services in the form of CloudSearch, or intelligent search within internal and external files. You can also use Connected Sheets and BigQuery.

Next up worth mentioning is definitely AppSheet. This is a no-code solution, where you can easily prepare the application without having to write code. Normally you can get this tool in the paid version, but with Google Enterprise you already have it included.

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